Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Business Trip to US_Short But I Treasured Every Bit Of It!

The city that i worked in California is not Cityville or Smallville. It is known as Sunnyvale, probably because the weather is always, mostly sunny?? nahh, i'm not sure how the name came from..

Extracted from the Wikipedia, "Sunnyvale is a city in Santa Clara County, California, United States. It is one of the major cities that make up the Silicon Valley located in the San Francisco Bay Area".

Silicon Valley is a place that i believed everyone from the semiconductor field would like to drop by. Tadaaa!! I watched so so many movies and played so so many games! ^^

I didn't feel like leaving the plane ;)

The thing that i felt most in US, was the weather. Before traveling, I was VERY excited yet a bit anxious about how my body will respond towards the cold weather. I've never been to a cold country before. Since it was June, we had a cool spring (~ 15degree celcius). "Best time to visit US!" that's what they were saying. And yes, i ENJOYED the cool breeze air a lot. Lunch time was more relaxed.. The coolness was fantastic, especially at night. I don't think i had jetlag, but somehow i don't feel like sleeping when it's time to sleep (2,3am). I knew i had less time to spend in US (silly of me!), so what i did was, i spent my sleeping time, staring out of the window, enjoying the air, the moon and the darkness of the sky, which i never did in Msia :P Don't worry, i still get my sleep, 4hours?? ;P Though the weather was good in CA, i had dry, chapped lips from day one (4th June) till the last day (22nd June). Oh boy, that was the horrible part! My lips was sooo dry that the skin peeled off easily and bled helplessly ;( I did miss the hot and humid Malaysia. Seriously, it's hard to sweat and believe it or not, throughout our stay in CA, there was no rain at all, not even a single raindrop. Imagine how dry this place is!

Beautiful~~ (taken outside our inn, Residence Inns Silicon Valley 1)
by Marriot

More to come~~~~

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