Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trip to USA_Adapting the Differences

We rented a white Camry as soon as we reached the San Franscisco Airport. The deal was good, it was $1000 for 2 weeks, without the GPS. Knewing we were not US citizen, the car rental guy handed us the GPS without any additional charges. What a nice guy!

6265- will buy this number in toto, magnum and damacai soon haha. If i win big, i'll come back to California, for sure! =)

Driving on a left hand drive car for the first time, might be intimidating for some but all you need is courage and no experience. I, myself was not convinced that i could drive. Parents had been pestering me not drive in US (coz it's dangerous), but come on... I'M IN CALIFORNIA! at least let me drive for once. For the first 5 minutes, no doubt it was tough for me and for everyone else. Then, i felt really good and with a quick adaption, i was hooked on driving. i was so eager to drive and with a great enthusiasm, i guess i had drove no less than 18 hours in total. I'll let you know more in the future blogs. Indeed, it was the very first step, that changed my life.

Back to the story. Taking the freeway (a highway that is without toll, happy!) from the airport to Sunnyvale was exciting. Colleague M drove like an expert. He said he's good, thanks to the computer games that he had been playing for years! I can't agree more. After an hour and upon reaching the Residence Inn (Marriot) on a sunny day made our day even brighter! Everything felt real good!

the entrance to the Residence Inn Sunnyvale Silicon Valley I (by Marriot), yippie!!
It's in the website, and here you go! It's right in front of me...oh myyy...i couldn't hold my excitements!!! =) This was the place where we checked in and checked out, had our buffet breakfast and dinner and did our laundry!

It was not a budget accomodation, so better watch out..It was like $155 per night (excluding tax) and we stayed there for 2 weeks. I'll let you do the maths. Our rooms are located on the opposite street. Though it was near, somehow we depended much on our Camry.

A bed for two. Yup, i shared my room with my colleague J due to some circumstances.

Our kitchen, simple and nice~

This picture is a bit blurry. It's a place where we spent most of our time. There is actually a working place right at the corner, where we did our reports and making conference calls at night~ nightmares of the trip!

p/s: I will not trade my US memories for anything. Three of us went, but sadly one of the colleagues will be leaving the company by this week. She was a guardian to us. A senior who had been to the US before so she knew what to expect. It was really fun having her around. Damn, I'm going to miss her, a lot! Sharing the same room brought us even closer. Take care buddy!

more to come...