Friday, December 6, 2013

Online Shopping ~ Summer Glitz

Good day readers!

Haven't been blogging for quite some time. For the past 2 months, I have been searching for maternity wears. Yes, I'm 5 months pregnant now! To my surprise, either those maternity wears in the shopping mall are just too expensive or they are just too outdated. Not much choices to choose from. It is quite depressing when my belly is growing and i have nothing to put on! Two weeks back I bought 4 maternity dresses from ebay Malaysia. And none have arrived until today. Oh boy! 

Until I have to find another website that sells maternity wears. This time I  made sure that the website guarantees fast delivery, if possible within a week. And yes, Summer Glitz came to my rescue.
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Summer Glitz Fashion - Maternity, Nursing Wear, Lady Wear, Babies and Kids

There was so much to buy. To me the price is reasonable and some of the dresses are fashionable to the sense that I can't wait to dress them on once they arrive at my doorstep.

So for those mummies out there, no more worries! We can shop till we drop at this website!