Monday, March 7, 2011

Budget Trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK)_Part 2

There are a lot of trails in the national park. We thought of choosing the shortest route just to have the experience but seriously, it was intimidating to walk under the rain and on muddy paths. We saw the entrance to the Botanical Garden but sadly, it was closed. It's alright, we kept on moving until we saw this huge Rafflesia. Wasted no time, we captured a few pics under the rain, huhuhu! Just a few distance away, we saw a wooden hanging bridge. We were so excited~~~ However, walking along the bridge was a nightmare. We didn't know it was unsafe!! It was already broken for quite sometime. No maintainance or whatsoever. Luckily nothing happened to us. On the other end of the bridge, it was nailed (X) to close the bridge. I wonder why didn't they closed on both sides of the bridge :(
Before crossing the dangerous bridge with Kathy ~

The rain got heavier and finally it managed to dampen our spirit to walk further into the trails. No choice but to walk back to our car. Travelling by car was the wisest idea at that point but it hindered us from getting closer to the nature. It's alright, at least we are not W.E.T! After spending quite some time in the park, we finally decided to leave and visit Kundasang instead, which is only few kilometres away. Again, Kathy was happy to join in. Well, what does Kundasang have? It was widely known as the New Zealand farm which produces its own milk. Am i joking?? No i'm nott....It's true that we have our own farm! :)

BP was the driver. With a heavy downpour and terrible roads, BP went passed Kundasang town, heading towards Ranau. With a U-Turn and a lot a lot of bumpy roads and a few stops to ask for directions, we finally reached KUNDASANG CATTLE FARM! Phewww....

Captured from the car ;)
Cows feeding on grains while milking~~
Me + the cold windy breeze- i like it!

DESA, fresh milk from Kundasang_RM4.40 for chocolate flavoured, RM 4 for fresh milk (1 litre). Taste good~~~

Jon planned to have dinner with us at 7.30pm. By the time we received his sms, we are already on our way back to KK, after leaving Kundasang and dropping Kathy at KK Park. Everything happens for a reason. I guess there is a reason why we can click with Kathy so well. Adios! With a very good time planning and estimation, we reached KK town exactly 7.30pm. Jon treated us a seafood dinner, and it was AWESOME!!
Damage: RM117 for 4 persons ^^
That's so much to talk and yet so little time!! Jon and his wife were amazed how independent and adventurous we were =) They guided us to more places but somehow we thought of joining the island hopping on the next day, Manukan, Manutik and 1 more island (forget what's the name). Jon recommended us to 'THE TIP OF BORNEO" (near KUDAT = his hometown), but after a second thought, it was a NO NO from him. He thought it was too far, ~ at least 3hours are needed. So we finally sticked to our initial plan. But before we ended our 2nd night, we went to Sutera Harbour, just out of curiousity. Very luxury, i would say~~ When we were packing our stuff for tomorrow's island hopping (IH), we decided to change our mind. Since we have done IH before at Kuching and Bali, why not we experience something else..TIP OF BORNEO seemed fresh and interesting to us since we knew nothing about that place. Finally, we extended our car rental for another day. What a quick change!
To be continued...


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