Monday, April 16, 2012

Road to A Blissful Marriage

3 more months...wau...let's see what's the updates.

Opss, it's the end of June. 5 months more to my wedding. I don't think we made any progress since the last time i posted this blog. ..oh boy...

I just got myself a wedding checklist. I hope it keeps us organised!

6 - 12 months before the big day
Basically, we have only 7 months to prepare. Let's see how it goes!
  • Decide on the date (100% - 18NOV 2012 in SBAN, 25NOV 2012 in BUKIT MERTAJAM)
  • Registration of Marriage (100%- Registered at Pertubuhan Tek Chiao Tze Ch'ih Ko, BM on 24FEB 2012 with the presence of our family members). We are legally married now but traditionally not =)
  • Book restaurant (100%)
  • Book hotel (20%- Booked Ixora Hotel for my family on 24 and 25NOV- RM600+/night)
  • Compose a guest list (80% - yes, we have, but we are adding and deducting by time)
  • Choose Photographer/ MakeUp Artist (75% - still searching within our budget; 23/6 got a MUA for Sban section; July-found 2 photographers for Sban & BM)
  • Shop for wedding gown: Several fittings will be required. (75%- of course we shop! We are spoilt for choice, still indecisive on whether we should rent or buy wedding gown and evening dresses, too much options and too much time make us indecisive at times; 23/6 bought an evening dress, 25/8- rented a wedding gown)
  • Pick a honeymoon destination (0%- Well, I will consider Japan as our honeymoon trip though it is a month before our wedding).
  • Pre-Wedding Photos (75%- Photo shooting at Taiwan on the 1st March 2012, album layout still not done yet; 30/6 layout is done; pending delivery)
  • Songs for the Wedding Day (30%- i have a collection of great songs to be played, will add in more)
  • Wedding Band (100% - Paid but still did not get it yet since it is customized to make the ring smaller; May-got the ring, fits my finger perfectly =D)
Wedding Room (since we are staying at his parents' house, the master room needs to be refurbished to make it looks real good)
  • Wall Painting (0%- choosing colour for the wall IS a headache, seriously i can't wait to paint) - (75%- yahoo! 23/4 & 27/4 painted 3/4 of all walls with charisma blue, 100% July- finished painting)
  • Buy mattress and headboard (0%- still surveying, 100% 25/8- waiting for delivery)
  • TV Cabinet (0%- decided not to have TV in the room)
  • Curtain (100%)
  • Couch (0%- optional)
  • Air-Conditional (0%)
  • Lighting (0%)
Will update in future =P

5 months before the big day
Finalize guest lists (0%-opss still not finalized yet)
Order invitations & announcements (0%)
Plan reception (0%)

2 months before the big day
Inform clergyman of all the details of your ceremony.
Keep a gift diary - send thank you notes as gifts arrive.
Fine tune guest list.
Plan rehearsal dinner.
Select attendants' gifts, grooms gift.
Check all services.
Make moving arrangements.
Final gown fitting.
Bridal portrait setting.

1 month before the big day
Mail invitations.
Make room reservations for out of town guests.
Check wedding party apparel.
Confirm music arrangements & check selections.
Make reservations for bridesmaids' luncheon.
Discuss rehearsal dinner with hosts.
Attend showers.

2 weeks before the big day
Plan your wedding day hair style. (bring headpiece & veil).
Schedule hair appointment for day of wedding.
Final check on bridal party clothing.
Arrange for name & address change.
Check with caterer / reception venue with any last minute changes.

1 week before the big day
Remind rehearsal dinner guests of time / location.
Start honeymoon packing.
Wrap groom's & attendants' gifts.
Check wedding announcements, stamped & ready to mail day after wedding.
Bridesmaids' luncheon.
Schedule rehearsal for 1 - 2 days prior to wedding.
Remind wedding party of exact time & place.
Go over final details of ceremony & reception with all parties involved.

1 day before the big day
Have manicure & pedicure done.
Attend wedding rehearsal & dinner.
Give ushers guest list.

Wedding Day
Hair and make-up.
Check wedding dress. (pressing / steaming)
Appoint family member to check ceremony & reception for left behind items.
Change of clothes. (if leaving for honeymoon).
Breath ! Enjoy your day.
Helpful hint:
Make an emergency kit: Include. . .
Make-up, extra panty hose, bobby pins, safety pins, clear nail polish, comb, hair spray, hanky or tissues,
needle & thread (white), aspirins, saltine crackers, band aid, toothpaste & brush, white chalk, dental floss, breath mints.