Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trip to US_Food in California (Clam Chowder)!

California, especially in San Francisco is famous for its CLAM CHOWDER. It was so good, I had it thrice; twice at Santa Clara and another time at San Francisco. Personally i preferred the one i had in Santa Clara, a placed called 'THE FISH MARKET'. The restaurant is like our FISH MANHATTAN in Malaysia.

What is clam chowder, anyway? Clam chowder consists of clam (of course!), broth, diced potato, bacon etc. There are two types: England (white) and Manhattan (red). The difference is white is milk or cream- based chowder, and the red one is tomato- based chowder.

In Fish Market, clam chowder comes with oyster crackers. Yummmmyyy~~

Had clam chowder served in a breadbowl at San Franscisco on our last day in US.

The white chowder was exceptionally tasty, that's why we did not try the red one, not even once...

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