Friday, March 25, 2011

Budget Trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK)_Part 3

....As the rain started to drizzle in the morning, it was a firm decision that Island Hopping Plan has to be cancelled. After dilly dallying with the car rental matter, we had our brunch instead of breakfast. We had pyramid shaped Hainan chicken rice at Wiya Chicken Rice shop. I had a plate of chicken rice (RM5.5) while BP had roasted chicken + Char Siew (RM7.50). I would say, in terms of taste and price, it did not meet our expectations. Tasteless and expensive. I rate them 3/10. The chicken rice in Kulim is far more better than this! Trust me!

Next stop, YOYO Cafe at Central Point. The bubble tea that it served was GOOOD...Highly recommended! i rate them 9.5/10. Can i open a Yoyo franchise in Penang? ^__^ Without further delay, we started our 3- hours journey (215km) to Tip of Borneo with a full tank of petrol (but we ended up driving more than 3 hours=P ) We managed to spot a very nice building on our way. I couldn't believe it is the Yayasan Sabah building. Check this out:

i wonder how much did they spend on this building ;)

After a looong, loooong looooong drive, here you gooo!!

This is the tip of Borneo! Actually, there was nothing much about this pit stop. It was the journey that matters to me most. But nevertheless, it was breathtaking. Taking turn to drive, looking at the maps, going through wrong ways, it was a tough tough journey. I was afraid, what if our little kancil could not withstand the horrible road and weather. Gladly, it behaved very well. Thinking back, this place is not for any weak- minded guy. At one point, i was so stressful out. That stretched of road really killed me and I remembered sweating like hell. There was no car at all, and the road was soo bumpy. And yes, we took the wrong way. I couldn't remembered how long we stayed at that place, but not for long. One thing for sure, Jon called us to get out from that place ASAP!!! This place gets really dark at night~~~

You see what i mean....DARKKK...Sabah MP should have been fired long time ago~

It was so nice seeing them at last ^____^

Happy faces melt my heart =)

On our very last day in Sabah, it was more of a light and easy day. No more driving for hours. Phewww....We checked out their bus stations, market, Jesselton Point, Segama Waterfront, and not forgetten, our last meal in Sabah had to be good. A wide varieties of authentic pizzas and pasta at Little Italy, KK.

See you again KK =)

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