Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Love your dog!

Sunday, August 23, 2009




nice songs ^^

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A journey home

i'm home! it was a remarkable journey yesterday. I met a number of nice ppl. My flight was scheduled at 8.40pm but the moment i woke up for work, my heart was no longer there. By the time the clock ticked 4.30pm, i was ready to go hehe. A great friend in design group, Chua soo kindly fetched me to the airport. Since he's staying nearby Bayan lepas, i guess it would not be troublesome for him, i hope. It's a blessing knowing him. He's a guy who enjoys travelling and searching for great food, and that was our topics in the car; places of interests and food food food! :D Before he dropped me off, he gave me some dukus, and with some dragon fruits that i bought earlier, Waoo i had a bag of fruities! happy!=) It was only 6.30pm after checking in my luggage. oh boy...what should i do in the airport for 2 hours...ermm, ..ah hah, i called ChowDa (a high school buddy who's working in Intel Penang) and fortunately, he's still in his office. Yahoo! Good Good. He brought me out from the airport(thank you!!) and we had dinner nearby. i learnt that he's not happy with his current job but no worries..he has his coming plan and i sincerely hope to hear from him soon.
By the time i reached the airport, it was around 7.45pm. Just nice. i remembered i made a toddle cried with just a simple HELLO hehe :P I didn't know he had just cut his finger and he's in a bad mood, that's what his mother said. Sorry baby...
The last time i took MAS was a decade ago. Since i'm an AirAsia frequent traveller, it's kinda awkward being in a MAS plane expecially if you are travelling locally. But somehow i enjoyed the whole journey. A Japanese couple sat besides me. I wanted to talk to them, but tooo bad, we had language barrier. Yah, i took Japanese language in uni but to converse it, oh my..i lost words... i cant remember a thing. wa ta shi wa Boon Lee san. hhaha....i gave them some dukus to try, telling them 'Malaysia fruit' and they are soo happy! and that makes me smile =) They tried and they said "SWEET SWEET". The wife jotted down the fruit's name and my name too. The wife then gave me some Japanese sweets and while pointing at them, she coughed and putting her hand on her throat. That made sense. She was signalling to me that those sweets are for sorethroat and cough. So sweet of her...She wanted to give me something in return! Probably she thought that was not enough, she digged in her handbag to find something else. I'm not sure what does it called but I hanged on my hp bag...a string with a dingdong bell...A small gift but priceless... aoo i'm so touched...arigato gozaimasu! It was not easy but it was FUN talking with them, using simple English, of course. Since they have tried duku, what about dragon fruit? Have they tried that before?? I gave them but they insisted..i insisted as well, i repeatedly told them 'Malaysia fruit', 'very sweet'. And yes, they accepted it with a broad smile. I guess, sharing is caring. The journey was short but memorable, ~40 min but somehow these two strangers have turned into friends.. Before we left the plane, the wife gave me a ring, a hand made ring made by her friend. aoo, i'm speakless...
I'm gonna miss you two.

Sis and her bf came shortly to pick me up. It was a great journey home indeed.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A new beginning...The journey begins here!

To me, blogging is an online diary which i've never thought of getting one. i do not wish the world to know what i've been going through as, i've always feel my privacy will be intruded in some way. i'm not a person who can convey my thoughts and feelings effectively, but somehow deep inside me, i wish to pen down things or event that i do not wish to forget. Please welcome me to the world of blogging =)

It's almost a month i did not return home. This is so SAD. I think this is the first longest time ever since i've started working in Kulim a year ago BUT i'll be going home soon, next two weeks i presume. Yes, i'm working in Kulim now, specifically we addressed it as KHTP which stands for Kulim High Tech Park. It is no longer a kampung. A very nice place indeed with superb ingredients to become a leading science park. It's approximately half an hour from Bukit Mertajam (Penang) so there is no worries if we need great food. The best part is there is no traffic jams at all! The roads are wide and nicely tarred. But one thing for sure, we do not have the luxury to shop and limited or should i say, no entertainments around. We do not have MidValley, 1U or Sunway Piramid. All we have is Giant, which only opened recently. I am not complaining but I do admit there are times i envy friends working in KL who have the privileges to meet up for gatherings and enjoying great food together.
Talking about great food, no i do not have great food today, but i have great fruits instead hehe. I went to an orchard with a group of 20-30ppl- Colleagues and family. It turned out to be some sort of a family day event. Walking along the winding road for an hour that leads to his orchard on a small hill was indeed TIRING!! i was sweatting profusely and i kept thinking, why am i into this??? BUT after consuming yummmy fruits, to name a few-fresh mangosteens, rambutans, dragon fruits and not forgotten DURIANS, i didn't even realised i have sore legs until i reached home. I guess it paid off eventually! What a great evening!