Sunday, July 5, 2009

A new beginning...The journey begins here!

To me, blogging is an online diary which i've never thought of getting one. i do not wish the world to know what i've been going through as, i've always feel my privacy will be intruded in some way. i'm not a person who can convey my thoughts and feelings effectively, but somehow deep inside me, i wish to pen down things or event that i do not wish to forget. Please welcome me to the world of blogging =)

It's almost a month i did not return home. This is so SAD. I think this is the first longest time ever since i've started working in Kulim a year ago BUT i'll be going home soon, next two weeks i presume. Yes, i'm working in Kulim now, specifically we addressed it as KHTP which stands for Kulim High Tech Park. It is no longer a kampung. A very nice place indeed with superb ingredients to become a leading science park. It's approximately half an hour from Bukit Mertajam (Penang) so there is no worries if we need great food. The best part is there is no traffic jams at all! The roads are wide and nicely tarred. But one thing for sure, we do not have the luxury to shop and limited or should i say, no entertainments around. We do not have MidValley, 1U or Sunway Piramid. All we have is Giant, which only opened recently. I am not complaining but I do admit there are times i envy friends working in KL who have the privileges to meet up for gatherings and enjoying great food together.
Talking about great food, no i do not have great food today, but i have great fruits instead hehe. I went to an orchard with a group of 20-30ppl- Colleagues and family. It turned out to be some sort of a family day event. Walking along the winding road for an hour that leads to his orchard on a small hill was indeed TIRING!! i was sweatting profusely and i kept thinking, why am i into this??? BUT after consuming yummmy fruits, to name a few-fresh mangosteens, rambutans, dragon fruits and not forgotten DURIANS, i didn't even realised i have sore legs until i reached home. I guess it paid off eventually! What a great evening!

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